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Delflandlaan 1
1062 EA Amsterdam

Delflandlaan 1
1062 EA Amsterdam


For more than 20 years, Trade in Services LLC its management concepts and strategies have been devised to explore business and take it to a higher level. We work with the most powerful partners in the industry such as Google and PostNL. That is why Trade in Services can rely both internally and externally on a strong network of knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to develop business advancement and opportunities for growth. We drive business by meeting the greatest challenges and providing real progress and options for every part of the organization. Through our secondment organizations Payrollmen and Kloeys, we ensure that staff members are placed in the right place, and that we get the best potential in each department. We nurture management and provide more precise strategy solutions to boost existing businesses. Our people are global, diverse and dedicated, working with the highest integrity and passion to fulfill the Trade in Services mission and provide staff to our clients as appropriate.
Informatie Leren en Werken
An internship at Trade in Services LLC is a great way to get to know the business industry. It gives you a better idea of ??which career or discipline suits you. There is an extensive range of internship options. In your application you can indicate in which discipline you are interested or on which subject you want to graduate. We will then work together towards the internship goal. The internships we offer usually last 12 weeks, sometimes shorter or even 12 months. You will be fully involved in projects that match your interests and skills on a daily basis. You work in a project team with professionals from different fields. This gives a better picture of what we are working on and how we work together. What are the challenges and what do we want to achieve? You are guided and supported by a supervisor and a mentor; they regularly provide constructive feedback that gives you the opportunity to grow. And with a successful completion of your internship, the intention is to immediately offer you a place with us or with our customers. Trade in Services internships at a glance: - Usually 12 weeks, but sometimes shorter or up to 12 months in a chosen field. - A real project with which you can really make a difference - Develop your knowledge and skills and grow! - Build valuable networks and contacts for future career opportunities.
Informatie Student
You have to enjoy being challenged so that instead of getting discouraged or overwhelmed when a task seems impossible, you welcome the opportunity to be innovative. You must also be good at absorbing information, analyzing problems, making objective decisions, and coming up with original ideas. You must have the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done, the flexibility to work well as part of a team, and the credibility to influence others. For detailed information on available internship places and requirements, visit our page at


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Dhr. Henk Carl Roethof
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